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House Clearance Birmingham

How much does it cost to complete a house clearance in Birmingham?

Whether you are moving house or revamping your current home; we want to help take the stress away! We will be with you from start to finish and be happy to answer any questions you may have. Your home and satisfaction are important to us. We want to keep our customers happy and feeling as though we have accomplished something that can seem a mammoth task; together as a team.

It’s an exciting time, but it can seem like a mountain of a task that needs to be done and there’s no getting away from it. Or maybe it’s not such an exciting time depending on the circumstances, and we talk a little about this below. We really have thought of it all for you! Who would treat my home with care? Who would be able to dispose of my rubbish safely? Who can I trust with my belongings? You may have a lot of expenses already depending on the reasons for the house clearance, so you may be wondering if you will find a company that are reasonable and honest with prices. These are a few questions you may be asking yourself. We have all the answers.

Your home is your palace and we understand how precious your items and surroundings are to you. Each client is treated with the utmost dignity and respect. Here at JunkBusters we pride ourselves on our customer satisfaction and also understand that communicating throughout the process is important to ensure you feel as comfortable as possible.

We would begin by auditing the property with you. We would ask that you signpost us to items you wish to keep; remove/dispose of; rehouse or donate to charity. We would also double-check what you have explained to us and ensure all of the JunkBusters team understand exactly what you need. We would also check the times of day that are convenient for you, but don’t worry, we are often left to get on with the job and simply let you know when it’s all done!

We would then begin separating the items accordingly to ensure we can continue to recycle, donate and divert from landfill as much as we can.

The next step would be to work as efficiently and carefully as possible. We would ensure that the home is left swept up and clean once we are finished.

There are occasions when you may overlook a special item that has been tucked away behind an old cabinet or sofa for example! We can be wholeheartedly trusted to bring those items to your attention. The trust our customers have in us is imperative.

How much could a house clearance cost in Birmingham?

On average a 3 bedroom home in Birmingham would cost approximately £750 +VAT and we would be transparent about this from the get-go.

There are factors that impact the cost such as ;

The size of the property
The amount of items in the property
The type of waste and the disposal techniques required
Whether you need items moving from one location to another

It’s key to be honest with us from the start too so just take a little time to really have a think about what it is you need. That way there are no miscommunications and no room for error. We would always ask you if unsure anyway, so nothing to worry about from our end!

We want you to be comfortable with the cost during the process so we would always update you with any changes or ask you if you have overlooked an item we come across.

It’s comforting to know that we work hard to support charities and if you feel there are items that can be thrown away, but we feel that a charity would have use for such items; we would always seek your permission first. It’s nice to know that your unwanted items could be somebody else’s treasure!

When situations arise….

There may be instances when you want to be completely hands off during the process. This could be if we are dealing with ex-tenants or maybe more sensitive matters such as divorce or separations.

During these times you can be assured that we will work sensitively and will take pride in working to fulfil your needs.

Using JunkBusters would mean that the hard physical work is done for you, but also the emotional toll this can take is alleviated.
We have worked with so many clients over the years and have really become accustomed to different situations and techniques to make you feel at ease. We understand that sometimes things happen which we may not have wanted, and this process of a house removal can seem like the biggest but least important part of the whole situation. We want to take that worry away for you. It’s one less thing for you to think about, and we are professional, quick and completely focused on getting the best outcome for you.

We are also aware that on occasions you may need us to complete a house clearance for a loved member of your family that has sadly passed away. We can work alongside solicitors and families to do this effectively, quickly and in the most sensitive way possible.

The process…

  1. Contact JunkBusters using our website or 07404360379.
  2. Let us know the size and maybe send us some pictures of the items to be removed/ a video clip. This will allow us to give you a free no obligation quote.
  3. Let us know an appropriate date and time to discuss items that will need to be kept and we can let you know how best to do this.
  4. Sit back and let us handle the rest with no stress and no worry. We want to be part of this process with you from start to finish so don’t worry!

If you feel we are the right fit for your needs, then please get in touch at 07404360379. We look forward to working for you soon.