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How much does a house clearance cost though? Well let us talk you through everything you need to know about house clearances and all that comes with the process.

Generally the cost of a house clearance will depend on where you are in the country however the guide cost for a 3 bed semi detached house for instance would be around £750 plus VAT.

So now you have the estimated cost let’s talk about what a house clearance entails. How do I find a house clearance company near me?

Your first stop would be search engines such as google. From here you would search “house clearance Birmingham” for example and you would be shown a variety of companies in your area that offer this service.

How do I know who to use?

House clearing companies should all be registered correctly so take a little time to check out their websites and look at the services that are on offer. This may seem like a long task but trust us when we say that using a reputable company is so important. The last thing you want is to see your items on the side of a street having been fly tipped!

Companies who offer house clearances will very often have other services available to you. You may need furniture moved from one property to another or you may need another service.

Be sure to really research and ask as many questions as you may need to get the answers that make you feel most comfortable.

What should you look for?

You need a house clearance company who are trust worthy and who work to your needs. A company that offers competitive prices but also one who does the job properly.

You may realise you have some quite sentimental and precious items in your home that you overlooked. Be sure to find a company who will be transparent with you about things they find. There’s nothing worse then suddenly remembering an item and it being too late! You need a company who will double check anything they find that they feel you could have forgotten.

A company you can trust would give you peace of mind that you are in safe hands. An experienced and well known local house clearance company will have reviews that you can take time to read and process.

Who cares about the environment?

We do too! We are glad you feel the same. This is why it’s vital that the company you use diverts from landfill as much as they possibly can. They should also be clear about the recycling they do and how they use the correct disposal units for your items.

One mans rubbish is another mans treasure!

We find this all too often…. Customers want to dispose of items that a charity shop may have use for. So be sure to use a house clearance company that supports a charity and is happy to re home your rubbish if it can be of use to somebody else! Community spirit is always so important!

Difficult times….

Maybe you are having a house clearance due to a difficult situation for instance a separation or a loved one has passed away. If this is the case you should ensure the company you use is able to handle your removal in a sensitive and efficient way. You may not wish to be at the property at all

and this is often the case in such circumstances so please be sure to ask if the team will carry out the job without you being there.

In these sorts of situations we understand that you would want the clearance completed quickly but the same high standards need to be maintained from start to finish.

“House clearance near me” is the first port of call for your internet search and from this point you will be able to dig a little deeper to find a company that suits your needs.

How long does a clearance for a home take?

Honestly this can depend on the amount of items and of course the size of the property but the company you use for your house clearance should give you a good estimate which you can work around.

Be sure to be upfront and honest if the time scale seems too long and the team may be able to offer longer working hours or extend the members of their team for your job.

House clearing companies are experienced and should be able to work around you. No job is too big or small!

No job is too dirty either! Let the house clearance company worry about any parts of your home that have been left a little unloved! They have seen it all…

There are a few ways you could find a company near you and one of these is by watching some clips that companies create to make the search easier for potential companies.

Check out this one from JunkBusters who are based in the West Midlands to see if this helps you on your search.

As you can see; a company like JunkBusters would do all the heavy lifting and loading for you and make the process is quick as possible.

House clearing companies are often available at short notice but it’s best to book in advance if you can. This means the team are always ready for you and also they can come to your property whether it’s a house or office and you can talk them through the items you want to keep or completely dispose of.

So what next?

Well firstly we hope this article helped! The best place to start is to search house clearance near me and see what comes up. From here you should contact the company and maybe send some pictures of the key areas and some information on the size of the property.

Remember to be clear about what you expect from the house clearance ace company and also check what they charge!

Good luck and have the best fresh start!