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We all like our homes to be clean and tidy, and we work hard to keep our environments pleasant, however, there are sometimes instances where we may fancy a big clear out and the issue arises when we don’t know what to do with our unwanted items. House clearances and rubbish removals can take time and when we look at hiring skips and doing the job ourselves it can seem like a mountain of a task.

Many issues can arise in terms of fly-tipping and unwanted fury friends penetrating our rubbish if we leave it outdoors, and this can leave us feeling like we are at our wits end with no real solution. If it’s a house clearance in Birmingham; a Birmingham waste collection or rubbish removal in Birmingham, we have some pointers below that can help!

Clearing away rubbish effectively and efficiently is vital as it preserves a healthy environment and reduces pollutants. Sometimes having the idea of a fresh clean home and the reality of it can be somewhat different!

Hiring a professional rubbish removal and house clearance team in Birmingham.

The most effective way to get rid of your rubbish or complete house clearance in Birmingham would be to hire a company that does it for you. A company that has the expertise and experience to offer you the best package and most swift response time are key. It may seem a straightforward task- pick up the rubbish and dump it, but in actual fact, the task is a lot more thought through and strategic than this. Ensuring the rubbish is separated into the correct section is key in ensuring the items are disposed of correctly. This is particularly true for recyclable items. You want the peace of mind that the company you are using is careful and follows the correct guidelines. This ensures there is no “come back” for you.

The easiest way to get rid of your rubbish is to hire a professional company to do the job for you. It’s highly unlikely that you have the experience and expertise needed to dispose of the rubbish yourself. While it’s often something that can look easy, the fact of the matter is that it often turns out to be more complicated than people realise. By hiring a professional company, you’ll have peace of mind that the job will be carried out to the highest possible standards. Plus, you’ll eliminate the risk of injury, especially when it comes to the heavier items that you need to get rid of.

Of course, you could always do it yourself! But you may find there are a few more trips to the tip than you anticipated, and this takes up a lot of time that we would rather spend doing other things! Hiring a skip is another option, but this often requires a permit, and the onus is on you to do the heavy lifting yourself. Another point to consider is the price tag of skip hire. In many instances, it is far more cost-effective to hire a removal’s company in Birmingham as you have more space to utilise than if you hired a skip.

What’s best for me?

Ask yourself a few quick questions… How much rubbish do I have? Is it all the same type of rubbish? Can some of this waste be recycled? How much of a physical strain do you want to take on yourself? DO you have the space/permit for a skip? Once you have worked through these points, you will be better placed to make the right choice.

Quality removals company in Birmingham

removals company in Birmingham

It’s important you check out the reviews of the companies you are considering for your removals. These are fantastic indicators of customer’s first-hand experiences. Can they attend on the same day? What are the prices like? What are the company ratings? You can then have faith that your rubbish is in good hands!

The legal bit…

It’s imperative that a company is used that follows all the correct guidelines in terms of the safe rubbish collection in Birmingham and the disposal of such rubbish. The bulky items need to be disposed of correctly and many companies may not have the correct licence’, so please do your research. If a company has these, they will be proud to display them! If you are unsure, you should ask them to provide you with the correct information.

What next?

Having considered all the points we have explored and have made up your mind that a rubbish removals company is the best way forward; it’s now time to contact Junkbusters for a free no-obligation quote. We are committed to providing the best service; the most competitive prices and the cleanest service from start to finish. We are a company that prides ourselves on the charity work we do, and the discounts we offer the more members of our community. Junkbusters is one of the leading rubbish removals and disposal companies in Birmingham, and we provide a range of services. We are available to hire over extended periods of time for large commercial clearances or simply for a regular sofa removal! Our services are applicable for domestic or commercial purposes, and we strive for quality first. No job is too big or too small.  No job is too dirty or messy! Our aim is to recycle as many of your items as possible or donate suitable items to charity. Our communities and environment are so important to us, and we believe wholeheartedly in preserving these. We have a rate of 95% landfill diversion and are super proud of this! We cover Birmingham and its surrounding areas and are looking forward to providing our service to you soon.


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